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You can Make a difference

In your own way, be part of the solution on climate change.  The WarrandyteCAN community will assist you to make changes:  work on a worthwhile project like 'No Plastic Bags', go solar with the best deal,  grow your own, draught-proof your home and much more.

Despite being just a small part of a large planet, every action you take either helps or harms your world,your future and those for whom you are responsible.  So, choose to be part of a community that thinks, speaks and acts as though it CAN make a positive difference, and You will!!

CAN is completely not-for-profit with all efforts contributed voluntarily.  Your help is needed.

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Post-Launch No Plastic Bags - Update

The no plastic bags project has been a terrific success to date, thanks to our community.  Quintons Supa IGA reports a 90% reduction in its use of plastic bags with locals getting behind the change with gusto.  Watch out for ongoing reminders in the Warrandyte Diary, designed to keep us committed to bringing our reusable bags when shopping. Complete the Survey too - See EventsPlastic-Pouch-web

Bushfire Ready

Climate Action + Activism

Eradicate Plastic Bags:

Our current lead project is to substantially reduce the use of plastic bags in our community, as overwhelmingly supported, replacing them with Jute Bags.  90% of our community requested this but only 14% reported taking their own bags when shopping. Plastic Bags no longer free - MORE

For our part, WarrandyteCAN aims to assemble knowledge and ideas and to inspire personal action. 

We recognise the need for positive and sometimes uncomfortable, unpleasant interaction with Government aiming to advance change much more rapidly than is happening. 

We work with groups like 100% Renewable to help implement Australia wide community projects.

CAN members voluntarily attended the 2013 and the 2012 Climate Change Summit in Sydney.   View a selection of the 2012 presentations HERE.

"The crisis is in the present not in the future." These are the words of Bill McKibben of 350. org spoken to the 'faithful' at the April 2012 Climate Summit.  Mass action is required in all parts of the globe if Governments are going to listen to the people and work faster towards reducing climate emissions.

Check out our Objectives and our Current Plan.

Current Happenings

Now: Visit www.facebook.com/warrandytecan and Like our page - loads of action + activism there.

Still Time:  Have signed Solar Citizens petition giving support to the RET?  If not, please do it now.  The voices of those who love renewable energy are not being heard.

Fri Jul 25 Peaceful Trains Not Toll Roads Protest. Your help is needed:  7.15am to 8.30am on the corner of Hoddle Street and Alexandra Parade.  The event, which are organised by members of Yarra’s Public Transport Advocacy Community Committee (PTACC), has been running for 12 mths every Friday morning, except for over the Christmas break.

Friday Aug 22:  Climate Change Fundraiser for the Pacific Islands.  This benefit will feature performers hailing from places all over the Pacific, including dance, movement and voice performance group ANIVA, Samoan slap dance troupe, Tama Tatau, Polynesian dance group Nuholani and more. Also you'll learn all about the fight to stop climate change in the Pacific through short videos and storytelling.

WarrandyteCAN was delighted to be awarded Nillumbik’s Community Project Award 2013, at the recent Sustainability Awards night preceding the Practically Green Festival. See Facebook for more.

Climate Change is happening NOW.  View the (video) facts as collected and presented by Catalyst in Nov 2012:View video

March 23, 2013 started a new era in Warrandyte's shopping precinct with plastic carry bags no longer coming free to shoppers.  Read why over 90% of Warrandyte's residents wanted this to happen. HERE Plus: SEE WHY ON VIDEO The Majestic Plastic Bag Mockumentory

The 100percent.org.au 'Solar Citizens' Campaign to Protect the Renewable Energy Target.  Please sign petition

Local Food Connect's current Food Swap Dates

VIC CLIMATE ACTION CALENDAR: Weekly updates are e-mailed out. Subscribe to the VCAC by email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



 It's Your Future - Would you help create positive change in attitudes and action on global warming? You Can Volunteer to Help.  Are you a member of Aust Youth Climate Coalition?



Help Ensure Clive's Commitment to RET Stays True!

Solar Citizens Email - Lindsay Soutar

It’s news worthy of a sitcom - but it's our political reality. Yesterday, mining magnate Clive Palmer stood next to former US Vice President and environmentalist Al Gore to announce that the Palmer United Party will support the renewable energy target. As Clive himself said -
“When in opposition the Abbott-led coalition at the time promised the Australian people prior to the last election that Australia would retain its Renewable Energy Target (RET).
“Now he seeks to break this promise. We will therefore not support any change to the RET before 2016 – after the next election.
“There is more than $15 billion in the renewable energy investment pipeline, which will be at risk, along with the associated 18,400 jobs if the RET is dismantled.”
As you know - Palmer is right. Before the election, Abbott did say that the bi-partisan Renewable Energy Target would be supported - but he immediately changed his tune once in office, and the Abbott Government is currently conducting a review of that target that is stacked with fossil fuel backers and is looking to stall the growth of solar in Australia.
Palmer's announcement yesterday is big news because the Palmer United Party Senators hold the power to stop legislation in the Senate. If we can make sure that Palmer's announcement wasn't just hot air - and he in fact wants to stand strong for solar - we will keep the renewable energy target in place and lock in the benefits of the sun for millions of Australians like you and me.
Help make sure Clive knows how much solar is supported across Australia. Will you send an email to Clive and the Palmer United Party Senators, thanking them for their support - and asking them to keep solar strong?  Here's his email - click to create:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Clive also announced that the Palmer United Party would support the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), the highly profitable bank that provides financing for large scale renewable energy projects. This means that we can grow not only rooftop solar, but also big solar farms across the country.

Let's make our nation's future a bright one powered by the sun. Send an email to the Palmer United Party, thanking them for their support for more solar across Australia.
Across Australia, over 1.3 million homes have installed rooftop solar. This has saved families $684 million in power bills - and million want to be able to do the same by making the move to solar. Not only that, but solar has created thousands of local jobs and is ensuring a new thriving industry.
It's important that Clive and his party knows this. Many hundreds of Solar Citizens wrote to Clive in support of solar last time they made a statement on the Renewable Energy Target. Thanks to you, they have heard the message: solar is hugely popular.
Of course, politics is a tricky game, and it's important that we remain ever-vigilant to ensure these politicians carry through with their promises. That's why we're not just taking Clive at his word - we're going to keep him to it. Help us make this possible by sending an email today.

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Post Budget Review from Solar Citizens

May 15, 2014:  The budget is all over the news, and the analysis is everywhere - it's good; it's bad; it's broken promises; it'll clean up a mess. But the question remains - what does the budget mean for solar?

Before the election, Tony Abbott promised "A Million Solar Roofs," a program to install solar on a million more solar homes. But, in yesterday's announcement, there was no mention of a million solar roofs - and the program seems to have quietly disappeared.
Instead, we heard that the Australian Renewable Energy Association (ARENA) - previously established with bipartisan support - has been axed. And, along with it, the 190 renewable energy projects in development, worth approximately $7.7 billion. [1]
Will you chip in so we can continue to grow Solar Citizens to fight back against these continued attacks on solar?
ARENA provided funding for renewables projects, including big scale and community solar. And a million more solar roofs would mean millions more Australians running on the sun. If the Government wanted to grow solar, create more jobs and ensure families can take real power over their bills, they would have kept these programs - not axed them.
It looks like the real winners in this budget are big energy companies who want to kill solar. Now that we know where the Government really stands, it's clear there is still a lot of work to be done. And that’s why Solar Citizens needs your support.
The big energy companies might have friends in Canberra - but there are many things on our side too. Five million people who have solar, millions more who want to go solar, real market power, and we are literally taking the grid back into our own hands. So far we're 50,000 strong, but we need to keep growing our numbers and impact - can you chip in to help us to do this now?
We have big plans to shape solar and combat the voices of the big energy companies. In the next month, we'll be bringing Solar Citizens together for large public meetings all over the country, where we'll talk about threats to solar and prepare to take action to protect it. We are launching a new campaign to influence the federal Senators on key policy issues. And we are continually working to make sure a tax on the sun is never considered.
But, Solar Citizens is only as strong as our community support, and our funding - just like our influence - is reliant on the support of many individuals like you chipping in to give a hand. Help us continue to fight back against the power companies by donating $30 or whatever you can afford today.
The new Federal Government may not be delivering on their election promises, but if Solar Citizens continues to grow in numbers and profile, we can start to show real electoral power to our politicians.
National Director, Solar Citizens
PS - Donating just a small amount - whatever you can afford - is one of the ways that every solar owner and supporter can help grow the power of the solar vote across country. If you can, please chip in today to help us fight back.
PPS - Don’t quite understand what ARENA and other acronyms in renewables policy are? Read a breakdown by The Age here: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/the-state-of-government-funding-for-renewable-energy-20140512-zrajr.html
[1] http://reneweconomy.com.au/2014/arena-to-go-as-abbott-breaks-more-promises-on-clean-energy-68423

Solar Citizens is working to protect the rights of million of Australian solar owners to cut bills, create cleaner power and take energy generation back into our own hands. You can also keep up with Solar Citizens on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

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Post Election 100% Renewable Still Optimistic

It’s been a little while between strategy updates from the 100% crew as we, like many of you, have been operating in that crazy space known as ‘election mode’.
Despite threats to renewable energy already becoming clear from the new government, we have to admit feeling a sense of relief that the election is over, and we can now get on with working out exactly how we are going to influence this next Parliament.
And, we know we can. Because our movement for more renewable energy in Australia is more active and even smarter than ever.
We saw some good evidence of this during the election campaign. Among the usual clamour, we launched our Solar Scorecard. In numbers, some of the highlights were:
•    123 candidates completed the solar survey, and we put up over 650 candidate profiles on our site.
•    Not only that, but around a dozen Scorecard meetings were conducted with candidates, and many more were contacted about it by email or Twitter - including 26 high-profile Coalition candidates - many of whom now sit in Cabinet.
•    Localised Solar Scorecards were created in 14 different electorates around the country and distributed via letterboxing, handing out at local candidate forums, train stations, published in local media and spread around online.
•    We raised over $5K from supporters to fund targeted online advertising in 6 marginal seats, which translated to over 4,000 additional people visiting the site and learning about their candidates’ true stance on renewables.
Thanks to all of you for playing a part in making that happen - and special thanks to office interns Dominic and Morgan who did an amazing job.
While all of the Solar Scorecard work was unfolding, we also ran intensive Solar Citizens organising efforts in two Liberal-held marginal electorates - Macquarie west of Sydney and Fisher on the Sunshine Coast.  
As part of this, I spent a good chunk of the frenzied pre-election weeks on the Sunshine Coast in a blur of volunteer meetings, markets stalls, phone calls to local solar companies and planning for a candidates forum focused entirely on solar power and renewable energy policy. Our Solar Citizens forum in Fisher created a big splash, with over 150 attendees and 8 candidates clarifying their positions on renewables policy.*
These on the ground activities mean that we have learned some great lessons about how to take Solar Citizens to a new level, bringing it to life with real conversations with solar owners and supporters, and solar businesses in neighbourhoods around the country.
Thinking about these experiences, this week the team here in Sydney have been taking stock of what we need to do next and what is going to be the best way to achieve the most we can out of this new government.
In brief, we have confirmed a couple of high-level strategic objectives, which are:
1.    See the national Renewable Energy Target (RET) expanded.
2.    Maintain and expand funding mechanisms capable of building large scale renewables (e.g. CEFC or similar).
3.    Ensure no measures to undermine the confidence in or speed of the rollout of solar PV are implemented.  
We are now working on drilling into campaign plans and pinpointing our targets - especially the new Senators who will hold the balance of power from July 1, 2014. We will be developing up a more detailed plan which we will share with you soon - and would love your feedback and ideas for great tactics.
Less than a week into an Abbott Government, there’s already a lot to be fired up about. The Coalition seems to be wasting no time getting stuck into dismantling some of the critical infrastructure for planning and implementing Australia’s transition to a cleaner energy system.
You may have seen our petition to Tony Abbott launched on Wednesday calling on him to NOT dismantle the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. It has been shared widely already, but please sign and share it if you haven’t already: http://bit.ly/savethecefc.   
There’s clearly a lot of work to be done in the next three years, and we’re finalising our strategies now to best make sure we can still transition to a clean energy future. From the entire team here, we thank you for the work you’ve done so far - and look forward to continue working together to ensure that the future is a renewable one.
Taegen Edwards, Community Organising Manager, 100% Renewable

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