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You can Make a difference

In your own way, be part of the solution on climate change.  The WarrandyteCAN community will assist you to make changes:  work on a worthwhile project like 'No Plastic Bags', go solar with the best deal,  grow your own, draught-proof your home and much more.

Despite being just a small part of a large planet, every action you take either helps or harms your world,your future and those for whom you are responsible.  So, choose to be part of a community that thinks, speaks and acts as though it CAN make a positive difference, and You will!!

CAN is completely not-for-profit with all efforts contributed voluntarily.  Your help is needed.

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Post-Launch No Plastic Bags - Update

The no plastic bags project has been a terrific success to date, thanks to our community.  Quintons Supa IGA reports a 90% reduction in its use of plastic bags with locals getting behind the change with gusto.  Watch out for ongoing reminders in the Warrandyte Diary, designed to keep us committed to bringing our reusable bags when shopping.

 Look out for Retailer Charters in store windows indicating those supporting the change. 


Bushfire Ready

Climate Action + Activism

Eradicate Plastic Bags:

Our current lead project is to substantially reduce the use of plastic bags in our community, as overwhelmingly supported, replacing them with Jute Bags.  90% of our community requested this but only 14% reported taking their own bags when shopping. Plastic Bags no longer free - MORE

For our part, WarrandyteCAN aims to assemble knowledge and ideas and to inspire personal action. 

We recognise the need for positive and sometimes uncomfortable, unpleasant interaction with Government aiming to advance change much more rapidly than is happening. 

We work with groups like 100% Renewable to help implement Australia wide community projects.

CAN members voluntarily attended the 2013 and the 2012 Climate Change Summit in Sydney.   View a selection of the 2012 presentations HERE.

"The crisis is in the present not in the future." These are the words of Bill McKibben of 350. org spoken to the 'faithful' at the April 2012 Climate Summit.  Mass action is required in all parts of the globe if Governments are going to listen to the people and work faster towards reducing climate emissions.

Check out our Objectives and our Current Plan.

Current Happenings

Mar 22, 23, Warrandyte Festival:  Learn about Beyond Zero Emission Building Plan - how to achieve energy freedom. 

Mar 16 Melbourne March in March:  Let Politicians know current strategies on Climate Change aren't good enough.  See Facebook page.

Wednes Feb 26, 2014 Information Night - Preparing your home for climate change and bushfires: Two top speakers: Hugh Venables from Monash Uni presents the BZE Building Plan for a Sustainable Australia  - Plus Sustainable Building and Retrofitting to be Bushfire Prepared in Warrandyte from expert Bob Hern.   Mechanics Hall, Yarra Street, Warra, 7.30pm  - 9.30pm.  Gold Coin Entry thanks, Tea & Coffee. 

WarrandyteCAN was delighted to be awarded Nillumbik’s Community Project Award 2013, at the recent Sustainability Awards night preceding the Practically Green Festival. See Facebook for more.

The next Riverflow Uniting Church Recycling Day is in Sat May 17, 2014.  TV's Computers, Bikes, Specific clothing items, DVD's, etc Check out the link for the list of items all of which can be recycled to help the needy here and internationally.

Climate Change is happening NOW.  View the (video) facts as collected and presented by Catalyst in Nov 2012:View video

March 23, 2013 started a new era in Warrandyte's shopping precinct with plastic carry bags no longer coming free to shoppers.  Read why over 90% of Warrandyte's residents wanted this to happen. HERE Plus: SEE WHY ON VIDEO The Majestic Plastic Bag Mockumentory

The 100percent.org.au 'Solar Citizens' Campaign to Protect the Renewable Energy Target.  Please sign petition

Local Food Connect's current Food Swap Dates

VIC CLIMATE ACTION CALENDAR: Weekly updates are e-mailed out. Subscribe to the VCAC by email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



 It's Your Future - Would you help create positive change in attitudes and action on global warming? You Can Volunteer to Help.  Are you a member of Aust Youth Climate Coalition?



A sober assessment of our situation

28 July 2012, David Spratt- Climate Code Red
The final in this 3-part series has now been posted at:


The first part in this series described some characteristics of the climate debate and the climate action advocacy movement in Australia. Part two explored some of the forces which have moulded the shape of climate politics in Australia today. Part three looks at what can be done differently.


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Govt withdraws HRL's $100m funding for new power station

July 27, 2012 We've  WON!  This afternoon Energy Minister Ferguson announced that the Government has withdraw HRL's $100 million funding for the proposed new coal-fired power station.

This is an amazing outcome, and tops off a campaign over five years led by Environment Victoria and Greenpeace with serious support from across the movement including groups
like Quit Coal, climate action groups across Victoria including LIVE who were part of the legal campaign, Doctors for the Environment Australia and of course our amazing lawyers
at the Environment Defenders Office.

HRL have still got to walk away from the project, but it's very difficult to see how they can get their project off the ground now.  We've been to court, we've rallied, we've have countless petitions with over 13,000 hand-signatures on one petition presented in Federal Parliament earlier this year. We've had support
from groups across the country, and now we finally have an outcome on the funding for this project.  See here our media release

Thanks all for your signing onto various letters to the government, and for those CAGs who had already got back to me with enthusiastic support for the letter this morning.

Victoria McKenzie-McHarg, Safe Climate Campaigner, Environment Victoria

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Climate Commission Report - Vic Impacts

July 23, 2012 Victorian Climate Impacts and Opportunities - Climate Commission
Victoria’s climate is already changing and is likely to change
further in the future, posing significant risks to the state.
– Many types of climate-related extreme events are expected
to increase in frequency and intensity in the future. The
heatwaves, drought and bushfires of the past decade provide
Victorians with a window into that future.
– The number of hot days has increased over the last few
decades and is expected to continue increasing into
the future. Critical infrastructure, such as roads, railways
and power lines, is vulnerable to prolonged exposure
to high temperatures.
– Conditions for large and intense bushfires are likely
to become more common in the future. The number
of ‘very high’ and ‘extreme’ fire danger days could increase
significantly over the next few decades.  MORE

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